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    Octomar, Dive into Quality, Safety and Excellence!


    Octomar, Dive into Quality, Safety and Excellence!

    Since its establishment, OCTOMAR soon became one of the leading diving companies in Angola, having executed long term subsea inspection, repairs and maintenance contracts, and provided turnkey package of services comprising of air, mixed gas and saturation diving services, dive support vessels and ROV´s.

    OCTOMAR Vision

    To be the leading and preferred provider of maritime services in Angola, including subsea services, vessels chartering, offshore tanker terminal operations, marine installation and engineering, reputable for its high standards of safety and quality.


    OCTOMAR is a maritime service provider, within the Angolan coast and its West African bordering states. We value the combination of world class expertise, inventiveness, extensive market knowledge and specialized and state of the art equipment as the key ingredients towards offering our customers the high quality and safe solutions they require, whilst meeting the requirements of contract, code, standards, specifications and sound industry practice.

    We strive to fulfill the needs of five critical stakeholder groups:

    Customers: prioritize customer satisfaction by delivering a high quality and safe service tailored to customer’s specific needs.
    Employees: to offer challenging work, personal development opportunities and a clear career path.
    Shareholders: to offer corporate transparency and to create shareholder value.
    Partners: to cooperate on the basis of mutual respect and mutual benefit.
    Society: to act with due care with the environment and the community and to act ethically.

    Our history



    OCTOMAR - Serviços Marítimos, Lda is an Angolan company, which was initially established in 1997 through a joint venture between Marsub – Trabalhos Submarinos, Lda, an Angolan private company, and Octo Marine Limited, a company at the time owned by Murray & Roberts and Safmarine, with the specific intent of providing diving services and support services to offshore tanker terminal operations.


    After the acquisition of Octo Marine by Smit, a Rotterdam based company, Smit acquired a share in OCTOMAR in 2002, which contributed to the expansion of OCTOMAR´s client base with the provision of additional services such as towage, offshore support vessels, marine projects and heavy lift.


    OCTOMAR´s Angolan shareholders decided to acquire Smit´s share in OCTOMAR in 2012, becoming an Angolan wholly owned and independent company. OCTOMAR´s Angolan shareholders invested in the re-structure of the company, the acquisition of new IMCA diving systems, a 2000 m2 facility at Sonils base in Luanda and the obtaining of ISO 9001:2015 accreditation for OCTOMAR.


    Octomar believes that one of the main attributes it possesses is its employees. The company sees its Human Resources as a means to achieve a competitive advantage in such a dynamic and complex industry. Hence, Octomar´s success is sustained by the diversity of its employee´s from Angola, South Africa, Holand, Portugal, Lithuania, which ultimately contributes to an engaging and open minded culture within the company, supporting its worker´s expertise and enjoyable working environment. By the great experience and academic formation that top managers, divers and administrative workers possess, with more than 30 years of experience in the field, is a key factor for the company prosperity.

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