• OCTOMAR is the leader and a pioneer in the training of Angolan divers to international standards.  Since its inception in 1997, OCTOMAR implemented its own training and development programme, which requires that our selected Angolan candidates for training are given the opportunity to develop their English language communication skills before receiving academic instruction in an international IMCA certified training institution and undergoing practical training in our offshore diving operations.  This programme has proven to be a success over the last 20 years, producing over 25 Angolan divers certified and experienced to international standards. OCTOMAR has adopted this programme for the training and development of our Angolan nationals in other areas of competence such dive equipment technicians, artisans, logistics, project management support, finance, marketing and business development. As a result OCTOMAR employs a high percentage of local content throughout all of its operations.
    • In other words, the aim of our Angolanisation programme is twofold – to produce internationally qualified personnel and to empower previously disadvantaged Angolan nationals.  Individuals selected for training are given the opportunity to develop their English language communication skills before receiving both academic and practical instruction by qualified personnel in international training institutions and worksites.
    • Involvement of local personnel in major industrial developments is of increasing significance around the world, with local communities and economies able to derive important benefits from the involvement of international companies, their contractors and service providers.
    • The oil and gas industries are of particular significance in this respect, as they play a prominent role in technological advancement and development of the regions where they operate. Beyond the fact that nationals often have deeper knowledge of the area and the market, they also share a common cultural heritage and understand local customs and practices. Advantages can be gained for all stakeholders when local content is maximized.
    • At OCTOMAR, a significant proportion of nationals are engaged in the management and manning of shore bases and operations. Through our training and development programs, we ensure development of nationals to high skill levels by taking a structured approach when implementing training and systems, by actively transferring knowledge and practical experience and by providing ongoing evaluation of training effectiveness. 


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